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David R. Carmichael
Board Certifed Criminal Trial Atty.
245 South Central Ave
Bartow Fl 33830
Phone: 863.733.9119

The Florida Bar Board Certified

Lakeland Criminal Defense Attorney

David R. Carmichael

Attorney David Carmichael

David Ralph Carmichael is a Board Certified Criminal Trial Expert practicing in Central Florida. He is a Partner in the Law Firm of Boswell & Dunlap, LLP (Established in 1900). Applying the resources associated with such an established law practice, Mr. Carmichael focuses his practice on litigation, primarily criminal in nature, though often enough relating to civil defense. He primarily elects to handle Capital Homicide cases, and complex and/or lengthy trial related issues. However, a significant portion of his current practice relates to Post-conviction topics including: Direct Appeals, Ineffective Assistance of Counsel and federal Habeas Corpus cases.

A former Special Prosecution Director for the Tenth Circuit and current Defense Attorney, Carmichael is often called upon as a resource for local and national news coverage. He has enjoyed numerous appearances as a commentator on national programs such as Court TV, Tru TV and local news programming, and has been sought for commentary in print media such as the Lakeland Ledger, Tampa Tribune, Orlando Sentinel and St. Petersburg Times.

Have you been charged with a DUI or other offense in Polk County, Florida? Because the courthouse is located in Bartow, you will be having your hearings at the Polk County Courthouse in Bartow. Doesn’t it make sense that Board Certified Criminal Trial Experts, who spend most of their time in court, are also located near the Historic Bartow courthouse?

That is why you need an attorney from Bartow. Whether you have been charged with a DUI, an Internet Offense, or need help with an appeal or Post Conviction matter you will be going to court in Bartow, the county seat of Polk County Florida.

Criminal Lawyer Carmichael Handles Cases Near Bartow, Florida

Board Certified Criminal Trial Expert, David Carmichael has intentionally located his offices one block from the Polk County Courthouse, in Bartow, Florida. Bartow is centrally located, easy to get to from Tampa, Brandon, Lakeland and Orlando, set up a free consultation on your DUI, Internet Offense or other felony charge with Board Certified Criminal Trial Expert David Carmichael, today.

David is a Partner in the Bartow Law Firm of Boswell and Dunlap. His area of concentration is Constitutional Criminal Law. He is Board Certified as a Criminal Trial Expert and practices primarily state and federal litigation in the areas of DUI, Internet Offenses, Criminal Trial, Death Penalty Litigation, Criminal Appeals and Post-conviction Relief. David is an Adjunct Professor of Law at Webber International University, where he is a member of the Board of Advisors for the Business College, and has served as the Pre-law advisor. (1997 to Present)

David is a former Assistant State Attorney, where he served in Bartow and Sebring, in both Polk and Highlands Counties. He left the office in 1999 as a Director in the Special Prosecution Division. During this time, David also served as Police Academy instructor at Polk State College and maintained a Certification as a Criminal Justice Instructor with the Florida Department of Law Enforcement.

David's professional distinctions include: Board Certification in Criminal Trial Law, Certification as a Death Penalty Litigator, a long-time Florida Prosecuting Attorney's Association Instructor, he is a founding member of the Florida Prosecuting Attorney's Associations Sex Crimes Network (1998-2001), and is currently a Partner with Boswell & Dunlap, LLP.

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