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Drug Charges In Bartow County

In Polk County, all felony level drug charges are handled out of the Bartow Courthouse, in downtown Bartow. Drug offense range from Possession, to Possession with Intent to Sell, to Distribution and even Trafficking. The Polk County Sheriff’s Office is very aggressive in pursuing all aspects of drug use, possession and Sales. The office of the State Attorney in Bartow often files charges in these cases that have very serious consequences to offenders. Florida’s legislature has made many offenses subject to Minimum Mandatory prison sentences. Sentences of 3, 5 and 7 years with no gain time are common, and fines run from Five Hundred Dollars to One hundred thousand dollars. You are also facing the loss o your driving privilege if convicted. These sentences are mandatory and not subject to negotiation. Therefore, if you are charged with Drug offenses in Polk County it is essential that your attorney be knowledgeable and able to aggressively defend your case in trial. Board Certified Expert David Carmichael maintains his office in Bartow, to be able to actively defend his clients.

David R. Carmichael is an aggressive, well rounded criminal defense attorney, a former Assistant State Attorney and current Board Certified Criminal Defense Attorney. Mr. Carmichael explores all defenses to Drug Charges, including self-defense or defense of a third party, lack of intent to cause harm or commit a crime and suggestive identity line ups, and Mental Health defenses. He and his investigators scrutinize all evidence, including forensic evidence and witness or victim statements, and every aspect of the arrest or search warrants, to find grounds for dismissal or suppression of evidence. If you have a case in Polk County, Bartow attorney David Carmichael may be the attorney you need.

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