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David R. Carmichael
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Lakeland Criminal Defense

Being charged with misdemeanor crimes can carry serious consequences that may affect future employment, education, criminal record, fines, community service, probation, counseling and a maximum of twelve months in jail. Moreover, a misdemeanor conviction can affect your driving privileges, security clearance and some misdemeanors, if committed more than a few times, may led to a felony conviction.

An experienced Lakeland criminal lawyer can make a difference by fighting for a diversion program or negotiate a better plea that reduces consequences. Ultimately, a jury trial can be elected to resolve any case.

David Carmichael provides knowledgeable and aggressive representation for all misdemeanor offenses including:

David Carmichael has experience in all city, municipal, justice and federal courts in Florida. As a former Assistant State Attorney he has handled thousands of misdemeanor and felony cases.

We provide quality criminal defense to avoid a conviction or jail sentence. We aggressively challenge all aspects of your case to get charges dismissed or reduced. When absolutely necessary, Mr. Carmichael will fight and argue your case to a judge or jury to prove you innocence.

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