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The Florida Bar Board Certified
White Collar Crimes

Criminal Lawyer in Lakeland, Florida

A federal or state investigation for fraud, forgery or other financial crimes may go on for months or years before authorities bring charges. If you even suspect you are being investigated for state or federal charges, it is imperative that you contact a Lakeland criminal attorney immediately.

David Carmichael has invaluable experience in white collar crimes and understands the complex factual and legal issues that you face. The punishment you face is serious – hefty fines, seizure of property, loss of professional license or employment, your reputation and prison.

Don’t wait for the government to build a stronger case against you! Contact us now! We represent people accused of white collar crimes throughout central Florida.

This firm can represent those accused of any white collar crimes including:

Our white collar crime clients are usually first time offenders and have little to no experience in the legal system. Although usually educated, they believe that complete cooperation with federal agents or state detectives will mean leniency. This is not the case. What you say will be used against you to build the government’s case that ultimately may lead to a conviction. This is a very scary and stressful situation and you need an attorney who has the experience, knowledge and understanding to put forth the best possible defense.

Do not let fear and stress put you in a more precarious situation. The earlier you contact a Lakeland criminal attorney, the better off you are. David Carmichael will speak to investigators, federal agents and prosecutors on your behalf, or advise you how to handle your current situation.

At times, David Carmichael may prepare to attack your case at the grand jury proceeding by having his investigators meet with potential witnesses and prepare affidavits. A client should expect to meet with David to prepare you to testify at the grand jury. At times, we have successfully stopped charges from every being filed due to firm’s ability to be proactive rather than reactive.

If charges are filed, David Carmichael has the experience to handle these sophisticated cases. As a former Assistant State Attorney, he gained invaluable experience as a state prosecutor.

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